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Passion, patience, attention to detail. The people at Auto Koubis treat each vehicle as a unique organism with its own temperament and individual needs. We responsibly undertake the partial and total painting of cars and motorcycles, making them look like they just rolled out of the factory. We focus on local repairs and painting, but we also love handling special restorations, in which we meticulously invest our time, talent and knowledge. Free transport for all the surrounding islands, delivery-collection, and service car for as long as it is deemed necessary, rank Auto Koubis as the first choice for body shop services in the Cyclades.

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Body shop facilities

Ολική / Μερική βαφή - Auto Koubis

Total / Partial paint

Our strongest assets are our experience and the quality of our work. Vehicles and boats that have enjoyed the special treatment of our paint shop enjoy vibrant a color that lasts for many years without wear and tear. We use a spectrograph to find the shade that perfectly suits your needs and have invested in two different color qualities to meet the different requirements of old and new models.

Τοπικές επισκευές - Auto Koubis

Local repairs

With patience, care and responsibility we like to focus even on the smallest detail and give it the time it needs, perfecting our work with topical painting, change or replacement, for a result that blends perfectly with the vehicle.

Αναπαλαιώσεις - Auto Koubis


With passion and dedication, we happily offer the time and talents of our team to the restoration of cars and motorbikes, with repairs, bindings and paint that gives them a new, exciting life.

Κέρωμα - Auto Koubis


Living on the islands can take its tow on the underside of vehicles that suffer from hidden wear, mud and moisture. At Auto Koubis we undertake their waxing with a tough transparent material, providing protection to the frame as well as the mechanical parts of the vehicle.

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Our body shop offers:

Unbeatable price packages
Perfect results even when faced with the most difficult challenges
Durability, quality and confidence
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